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5 common reasons for traffic light accidents

Intersections can be hazardous for motorists. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, more than half of serious motor vehicle accidents occur at or near intersections. 

While drivers can have a collision essentially anywhere, motorists are increasingly vulnerable at traffic lights. Here are five primary reasons motor vehicle crashes occur around Houston-area intersections. 

  1. Distracted driving

To curb distracted driving, Texas law bans texting while driving. Unfortunately, though, distracted driving remains a serious problem across the Lone Star State. Failing to pay attention is particularly dangerous at intersections, where motorists may encounter congested traffic moving at varying speeds. 

  1. Speeding

It can be hard to predict when a traffic light will turn from yellow to red. Still, drivers regularly speed up to try to make it through the intersection without having to stop. Not only may this practice cause a driver to run a red light, but it also may enhance the impact severity of an intersection collision. 

  1. Tailgating

Tailgating, where a driver follows another car too closely, is not a good idea. When it occurs at or near an intersection, however, tailgating is even worse. As drivers approach a traffic light, they may reduce their speed or stop unexpectedly. If the following car is too close, a rear-end collision may be imminent. 

  1. Drunk driving

Like many other behaviors on this list, drunk driving may be fatally dangerous. Slowed reaction times and poor judgment means that drunk drivers often put their own and others’ live in jeopardy. If a motorist is drunk at an intersection, he or she may collide with stopped traffic or pedestrians. 

  1. Inexperience

Competent driving requires practice. If an individual does not have experience maneuvering through Houston’s complex intersections, he or she may be a risk to other drivers. 

Even during short commutes, drivers likely encounter dozens of intersections. By understanding why traffic light accidents tend to happen, motorists can better plan for reaching their destination without sustaining a serious injury in a car crash.