Helping Workers Injured In Oil Field Or Refinery Accidents

For rank-and-file workers in the field, the Texas oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country.

A vital piece of equipment may be found to be defective. A heavy piece of machinery could malfunction. Unsound footing could result in a jarring slip and fall. Refinery fires and explosions cause severe burns, permanent scarring and lifelong disfigurement. Any of these setbacks could prove fatal — and cases of wrongful death.

In greater Houston, we are the law firm that is dedicated to the rights, interests and health of our state’s oil field workers. We are attorneys at Law Office of Richard J. Presutti, P.C.

The firm’s founder Richard J. Presutti handles oil and gas accident injuries in a nonworkers’ compensation context, meaning serious work accidents as personal injury claims and third-party claims with multiple defendants. As a former claims adjuster, Mr. Presutti knows that insurance companies care only for their bottom lines — not for your ability to do your job or the need to continue providing for your family.

We excel at thorough case preparation, fact-finding that aids in negotiations with insurers, and advocacy in court that rings true with judges and juries. Along the way, you are directed to the best medical care possible and personally attended to in ways that make you feel special. Your questions are answered promptly, and lines of communication kept open throughout your case.

Put Richard J. Presutti’s 20-Plus Years Of Experience On Your Side

The sooner you contact us after an oil refinery injury, the sooner our dedicated lawyer can begin the important work of protecting your rights. Call us in Houston today at 281-810-9509 or reach us by email message. Home and hospital visits are available to injured workers whose medical conditions prevent travel.

You owe no legal fees unless we win your case. Se habla español.