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Deadly semi-trailer crash in Vega, Texas

As reported by KFDA News Channel 10, a three-vehicle crash involving two truck tractor semi-trailers and one pickup truck occurred several weeks ago on I-40 west of Vega, resulting in two fatalities and two injured.

It unfolded as follows: For reasons unknown, the pickup truck facing eastbound stopped in the outside lane. Semi-trailer #1 traveling eastbound in that outside lane came up from behind and rear-ended the pickup.

The impact drove the pickup through the median barrier into oncoming traffic, where it met semi-trailer #2 in a head-on collision.

Semi-trailer #2 overturned and exploded into flames.

What happened here?

The crash remains under investigation, but it appears that semi-trailer #1 was unable to break in time to adjust for the pickup truck that had stopped in the travel lane. Both drivers were killed in the collision. The driver and passenger in the second semi-trailer escaped the overturned, burning vehicle and were injured but survived.

Unsafe acts resulting in accidents

Stopping a vehicle in a traffic lane or failing to get a disabled vehicle off the road is of the commonly cited causes of large truck accidents. Other causes include but are not limited to:

  • Driving in “NO ZONES,” which are those areas beside or behind a truck where its driver has limited visibility
  • Changing lanes immediately in front of a truck
  • Driving to the right of a truck that is turning right
  • Turning left when there is an approaching truck, not taking into account its speed
  • Merging improperly into traffic
  • Not giving trucks adequate space when they are changing lanes
  • Unsafe passing
  • Not taking crosswinds into account when attempting to pass a truck
  • Driving between large trucks

Every motor vehicle accident requires intensive investigation afterward and, of course, effective, aggressive representation. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, it’s advisable to consult with counsel as soon as possible.