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Four reasons why you shouldn’t trust an insurance company

After being injured in a car accident, you’re probably thinking about what you can do to make your life easier while you focus on your recovery. It’s a weighty consideration given the extensive damages that have been unfairly thrust upon you, including harm to your physical and mental well-being as well as devastating hits to your financial stability.

Perhaps your best option is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the individual who caused your accident and thus your injuries. But as you pursue one of these claims, you’re probably going to come face to face with an insurance company that is hoping to settle your claim for less than it’s worth or sidestep having to pay altogether. Therefore, regardless of how nice the insurance company may seem, you shouldn’t trust them.

Reasons why you shouldn’t trust an insurance company after your accident

There are many reasons why trusting an insurance company is a bad idea. Let’s look at some of the top reasons so that you understand what to expect from your personal injury claim and how to protect your interests from the start.

  1. They’re profit-motivated: Although they may brand themselves as being in the business of helping people, insurance companies are really in the business of making money. They can achieve this by creating as many policies as possible, thereby allowing them to collect premiums, while also paying out as little as possible in claims. As a result, the insurance company is going to look for any way possible to deny you the compensation that you need.
  2. Adjusters will use your words against you: Even when an insurance adjuster seems friendly and in your corner, they’re looking for ways to minimize or outright deny your claim. They’ll hang on your every word to see if they can be twisted against you or otherwise taken out of context. Therefore, you have to be careful with what you say when you speak to these individuals.
  3. They’ll withhold information from you: In order to reach the best outcome possible in your personal injury case, you have to make fully informed decisions. That’s hard to do when the insurance company isn’t being straight with you. They might keep essential information from you that could be determinative of how you approach your case. Therefore, you shouldn’t just take an insurance company at their word.
  4. They’ll use sneaky negotiation tactics: Insurance companies and their attorneys are no strangers to the settlement negotiation process. They’re going to use their experience to try to exploit your lack of experience with the process in order to achieve the outcome that they want. For example, the insurance company’s attorneys might indicate that they can’t offer you more than a certain amount or they may try to minimize the strength of your evidence to convince you to settle. They may even try to claim that you contributed to the accident as a way to minimize your claim. Don’t give in to these tactics.

Find accountability and recover the compensation that you deserve

Moving forward with a personal injury lawsuit can be frustrating. Unfortunately, this drives a lot of accident victims to settle their claims prematurely just so that they can get the process over with as quickly as possible. Don’t let that happen to you, especially if you want to ensure that you stand a chance to recover the compensation you need to cover the full extent of your damages.

An attorney who knows the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate and how to build a persuasive personal injury claim may be able to help you here. With your recovery on the line, though, you shouldn’t hesitate too long to reach out to one of these advocates to better determine your best path forward.