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Why are there more car accidents over the holidays?  

Although car accidents occur in the Houston area year-round, accidents typically increase during the holiday season. There are various reasons for this increase in accidents, and things you can do to reduce your chance of becoming a car accident victim.

The holidays mean hectic schedules for most of us. Between shopping, family gatherings and special events, most of us are out of our homes and on the roads longer.

Speeding and aggressive driving

This leads to more vehicles on Houston’s roads, causing more traffic jams and waiting times at stoplights. Many drivers speed to make up for lost time.

Speeding remains one of the biggest causes of car accidents. It reduces the ability of a driver to slow down or stop in time and speeding-related crashes usually result in more serious injuries.

In addition to speeding, other forms of aggressive driving contribute to the rise in accidents. Being late or running behind, or simply being tired from all the holiday stress, can cause drivers to take out their frustrations on other drivers.

Distracted and impaired driving

It should come as no surprise that more drivers are distracted during the holidays. Distracted driving is another reason for holiday accidents. Children, food, drink and music are just some examples of distractions drivers face.

Many holiday events involve alcohol, which means many of us drink more alcohol at this time of year than any other time. Even though you might rarely drink, you may find yourself behind the wheel after having had a couple drinks at a holiday gathering.

If you do not drink often, you might underestimate your body’s ability to handle alcohol and drive when you should not. This is a common problem, as the number of impaired drivers on the road is typically higher at this time of year.

How you can stay safe

Stay safe on the roads this holiday season by driving sober, obeying all traffic laws and not rushing to get to your destination.

If you are a victim of a car accident caused by someone else’s negligent driving, you could receive compensation. You can learn about how to file a personal injury claim by speaking with an experienced attorney.