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Houston wrong-way driver leaves 3 injured  

A recent crash involving a wrong-way driver traveling on a Houston city street left three people injured. Police said at the time that one victim had suffered injuries that could prove fatal. Rescuers took all three victims to nearby hospitals.

One of the injuries involved someone in a vehicle that was traveling in the correct direction.

From photographs, it appeared that the wrong-way driver, who was operating a pickup, struck an SUV head-on. According to the police, the pickup driver also was not using headlights.

Wrong-way accidents are too common and often serious

Wrong-way accidents like the one that happened recently in the area are too common.

Still, some people might have a hard time imagining what would lead to a driver actually going in the opposite direction of traffic.

There are many possible causes of wrong-way accidents. Oftentimes, drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol travel the wrong way.

Likewise, drivers who are too tired to be operating or who experience a serious physical or mental health condition can also operate against traffic. Sometimes, drivers might be so distracted by a cell phone or other outside influence that they drive the wrong way.

Even honest but dangerous confusion about street signs or entry and exit ramps can cause problems.

Whatever the reason, it is a sad fact that wrong-way accidents frequently lead to serious injuries or fatalities. For one, they are usually head-on collisions.

Moreover, since drivers are not expecting someone to approach from the opposite direction, wrong-way collisions often are at high speeds.

Those who cause wrong-way accidents can be held accountable

Texas victims of wrong-way accidents, including families of those killed in them, have legal options after one of these tragedies.

They may file a legal claim against the driver who caused the accident by their reckless or very careless behavior.  Depending on the circumstances, they may have claims against other responsible parties as well.

These claims are a pathway for a family to recover financially from their losses.