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NHTSA says 2022 road fatality statistics continue troubling trend

In recent years, auto accidents have been on the rise in Texas and across the United States. Part of that was believed to have been due to the national challenges that led to emptier roadways, drivers exceeding the speed limit, behaving recklessly and driving under the influence.

However, the trends have continued even during the return to relative normalcy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is tracking statistics and its early numbers for 2022 are stoking renewed concern that the problem is continuing. Anyone who takes to the road should be cognizant of this.

Road fatalities in the first four months of 2022 are the worst in 20 years

The NHTSA released its early statistics for 2022 and came to worrying conclusions for road safety. The numbers were accrued through March. In that time, there was a 7% spike in road fatalities compared with the same time in 2021. More than 9,500 people lost their lives in a collision.

This comes a year after road fatalities were the worst they were in 16 years. There was a 13% increase in fatalities from January through March of 2021. The hope that a new year would improve safety has not come to pass and many states saw an improvement in the fatality numbers. Unfortunately, Texas was not one of them. The Lone Star State led the nation with 1,071 road deaths during the first quarter of 2022.

The administrator for the NHTSA is encouraging the entire nation to focus on safety and try to ensure that people understand the statistics and that they are at risk. The federal government has poured resources into programs and studies to try and address the problem, but while the statistics show how fatalities are on the rise, people must still be wary.

People must think about their future after an auto accident

An auto accident can happen without warning and, as this research shows, the landscape is not improving. Auto accidents can lead to physical, emotional, personal and financial problems that upend people’s lives and their future. Obeying the traffic laws, being vigilant and focusing on safety can be effective, but it does not always prevent an accident.

In the aftermath, it is imperative to know what options are available. Having help is crucial from the start and discussing the case with those experienced in investigating and gathering evidence can be key to moving forward and securing sufficient compensation.