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Recent statistics show increase in motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are common on the many busy Texas roads and highways. States like Texas may see a higher number of motorcycles on the roads due to the year-round warm weather. Unfortunately, this means there is a higher chance of a catastrophic injury or fatality from a motorcycle accident.

Recent figures released from the Texas Department of Transportation showing that in 2020, motorcycle deaths in Texas increased by 17% from 2019, with almost one-third occurring at or near an intersection. This figure is especially shocking considering that there was less overall traffic on roads in 2020. It is also estimated that one motorcycle death occurs every day in Texas.

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable

There are several reasons why motorcyclists face an increased risk of an accident on the roads. Other drivers commonly miscalculate how far away a motorcycle is, or how fast the motorcyclist is riding. Thus, drivers may believe they have enough time to make a turn when they don’t, leading to a crash.

Distracted driving is another major reason for motorcycle accidents. Drivers are often distracted by any number of things. They may be looking at their phones, talking with a passenger, playing with the radio, applying makeup, or engaging in any other type of activity that takes their attention away from the road.

Drivers have a legal duty to share the road safely and responsibly with motorcyclists. A driver’s negligence can result in a catastrophic accident or death, leaving the victim’s family suffering.

Motorcyclists who have been injured in a catastrophic accident often face a multitude of consequences and hardships. Medical bills may be overwhelming, and injuries can result in missed work or even mean the end of a career. There may be long-term or permanent mental or emotional suffering. It is important to learn about available legal rights after an injury to decide the best course of action.