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What are your options after an uninsured motorist accident?

What’s worse than getting hit by another driver? Getting hit by an uninsured driver. If you find yourself in this situation, then you might have very real concerns about how to recoup money for the damages that have been unfairly thrust upon you. This might include medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Since you won’t be able to turn to the other driver’s insurance company for help, what are your options?

Dealing with an uninsured motorist case

Your first option is to look at your own insurance policy. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, then you can file a claim with your insurance company and hopefully recover the compensation you need. You might face pushback, of course, but with strong evidence you can fight your insurance company to force them to pay you what you’re owed.

If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, then you’ll have to take your fight to the individual driver who caused the accident. This means filing a personal injury claim and presenting evidence that shows that the other driver caused your accident, and that accident caused your injuries.

If you win your case, then you might be able to recover compensation from that driver. However, most uninsured motorists are uninsured because they can’t afford to be insured. This means that they’re usually unlikely to be able to pay out a judgment against them. In these instances, you’ll have to play the long game, which may include obtaining a wage garnishment order that will assist you in recovering your damages over time.

Confidently navigate your personal injury case

We know that you have a lot to deal with in the aftermath of a car accident. But by knowing the law and putting some work into the front end of your case, you can position yourself to confidently sit down at a negotiation table or walk into court to present a strong claim that supports your position. Hopefully then you can obtain the outcome you deserve so that you can secure financial stability while you focus on your recovery.