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Horse causes serious accident that leaves deputy injured

Authorities have reported that a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department suffered significant injuries during an accident in the Houston metro area.

The extent of the injuries to the deputy are not yet known. However, authorities did close several lanes of traffic in order to investigate this accident.

The interesting thing about this accident is that it was, technically, a single-car incident. However, the deputy apparently struck a horse that had somehow made its way onto the road. Unfortunately, the horse died in the collision.

Work-related car accidents may require extra legal action

Assuming that the deputy was on duty, he or she may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through the Sheriff’s Department. These benefits will pay for medical bills and a good portion of the victim’s lost wages.

In that respect, the benefits are very helpful, especially since they get paid without regard to who is responsible for an accident.

However, they do not always pay for every out-of-pocket expense. This is especially true in the case of serious injuries that might leave a victim suffering a permanent disability.

Moreover, workers’ compensation benefits do not pay for what are called non-economic losses, like pain and suffering or emotional distress.

Sometimes, who is at fault in a car accident is not clear cut

In many cases, it is fairly easy to see who is responsible for causing a car accident. However, in situations like this one, it may not be so clear who should pay compensation to victims.

For example, it is likely that someone had ownership over the horse which caused this accident and, thus, would have an obligation to keep it safely penned where it cannot cause harm. It is quite possible it even came from some other vehicle on the road.

This story shows how important a detailed investigation of an accident can be to making sure that a Texas accident victim receives compensation for all losses.