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Statistics on pedestrian accidents in Texas

If you walk near traffic on a regular basis, or someone in your family often walks alongside the road, you need to review risk factors associated with pedestrian accidents. Moreover, it is vital to understand how prevalent these incidents are and the serious consequences associated with an accident.

Every year, far too many people suffer devastating injuries and even die while walking near vehicles or attempting to cross the road. Moreover, some drivers do not realize how prevalent these accidents are and they fail to remain vigilant.

How many pedestrians suffer injuries in Texas?

The Texas Department of Transportation sheds light on the prevalence of accidents involving pedestrians in the state. In 2019, over 1,300 pedestrians sustained serious injuries in traffic accidents, according to the DOT. Moreover, over 5,900 traffic accidents involved pedestrians over the course of 2019 and 669 pedestrians lost their lives.

How can drivers and pedestrians reduce the odds of an accident?

Many pedestrian accidents occur due to failure to yield, speeding and distracted driving. Drivers must focus on the road and keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times, especially when passing other vehicles or approaching a crosswalk. Pedestrians should carefully pay attention to traffic, stay on the sidewalk when possible and cross roads at proper locations.

Sadly, pedestrians will continue to sustain major injuries as a result of careless drivers. Drivers who fail to follow traffic safety guidelines, such as those who drink and drive or use their phone on the road, must answer for their actions when they cause an accident that leaves a pedestrian injured.