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Tire blowout in New Caney causes fatal collision

Assigning liability is an important element to resolving any car accident case in Texas. Some might think this amounts to appropriating blame when there really is none (after all, most may agree that car accidents are just that: accidents). Yet that often is not the sole purpose of liability.

While liability may not necessarily equate to blame (at least in the traditional sense of the word), it does amount to accountability. That accountability comes from the financial compensation a party provides after causing a car accident (whether the actions that contributed to that accident were intentional or not).

Mother killed after freak accident on freeway in New Caney

Despite any intent (or lack thereof), the consequences of car accidents are often catastrophic. A recent accident that occurred in New Caney clearly illustrates this point. Per the local ABC News affiliate, as a mother and her son returned from a baseball game, debris from a blown-out tire on a passing vehicle crashed through their windshield. This caused the mother to lose control of the vehicle and smash into the vehicle in front of her. She died in the collision; her son sustained serious injuries. The occupants of the vehicle struck from behind also sustained injuries in the collision, but reports indicate they were not life-threatening.

Compensation for catastrophic accidents

While the driver of the vehicle whose tire blew in this case likely had no intention of harming anyone, that does not change the accident’s awful outcome (nor would the same be true in similar incidents). Serious collisions often result in massive expenses, for which those affected by them may have little choice but to seek compensation from those deemed liable.