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Are you at risk for a pedestrian accident?

When pedestrians and vehicles meet unexpectedly, the results are usually more devastating for the individual on foot. Death for the pedestrian is common, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that almost 6,000 people died in such accidents in 2017. 

Understanding your risk of involvement in a pedestrian crash may help you prevent such an incident and avoid the types of injuries that could affect you for the rest of your life. 

Walking at night

Many pedestrian accidents occur at dusk or during the evening, when visibility is low. Wearing dark clothing and crossing streets without crosswalks can increase the risk. Remember to use designated or signaled corners if you must cross a street and wear reflective clothing that allows drivers to see you more easily. 

Your age

Seniors and children are most often at risk for injuries resulting from pedestrian/vehicle accidents. If you are a senior who enjoys walks around the neighborhood, your mobility may make crossing streets difficult. If you have young children who walk to school or accompany you on evening walks, it is important to let them know only to cross at designated areas and to stay by your side at all times. Adding reflective tape to your children’s clothing may decrease the risk of accidents. 

Driver speeding

Many pedestrian accidents occur because of driver speeding, especially in urban areas. Use sidewalks when they are available and remain aware of traffic patterns in your neighborhood, especially during weekends or during commute times when traffic may get heavier. 

Not all pedestrian accidents are avoidable. However, when safety is a top priority, you and your family may reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries.