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What may I do if an uninsured driver caused my accident?

You may wish to file a claim to seek full compensation from a motorist who is at fault for causing a collision in which you suffered serious harm. Without comprehensive auto insurance, however, the driver who caused the accident may not have the financial means to provide you with an adequate amount of relief.

As noted by the Texas Department of Insurance, your personal auto insurance policy may cover your medical expenses, property damage and vehicle repairs when an uninsured driver caused the accident. Provided that your policy includes uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, you may file a claim with your own insurance carrier.

What if an uninsured commercial truck driver causes an accident?

Accidents involving an uninsured or under-insured truck driver may require a legal action when he or she acted as an independent contractor for a freight broker. For example, a Lone Star State commercial freight broker that hired an independent contractor to haul goods may not know that the driver lacked the insurance coverage required by law. When an uninsured third-party operator causes a collision, however, liability for your injuries may fall under the responsibility of the freight broker that contracted the truck driver.

Can I sue a freight broker that contracted the at fault operator?

If your collision occurred as the result of a contracted driver carrying goods for a freight broker, the company may have breached a duty of care. As noted by FreightWaves, a freight broker may face liability for damages when it failed to conduct due diligence before contracting a truck operator. Your legal action may require naming the truck driver and the freight broker in your lawsuit.