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Can you lose your memory after a crash?

As a resident of Texas who got involved in a crash, you could spend weeks or even months recovering. Some of the effects can last even longer. For example, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) commonly occur after a crash.

Unfortunately, TBIs affect many areas of your cognitive capabilities. Cognitive illness and injuries take a long time to recover from. This is particularly true when it comes to memory loss or impairment.

Short term memory loss after a crash

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center acknowledges the close tie between your brain health and memory. In a crash, you are most likely to injure the front part of your brain. This is where short term memories get stored and processed. When you damage the area of the brain that handles memory, your memory suffers, too.

Short term memory loss after a crash can manifest in many ways. First, you may struggle to remember the events surrounding the crash. This is common. In many cases, you do not “forget” the crash. Rather, your brain never stores the memory so you have nothing to remember in the first place.

How this loss affects daily life

Unfortunately, this can continue after the crash itself. Short term memory damage makes it harder to store short term memories. These memories last anywhere from seconds to minutes. As a result, you could forget things someone just told you. You may misplace items just after you set them down. You could struggle to remember daily tasks like laundry or cleaning the dishes. You may forget important appointments.

This has even more dire consequences when it manifests in the workplace. To help alleviate some of the stress you currently face, consider seeking compensation. This can at least help to lower your financial burdens.