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What do I do after a hit-and-run?

Few car accidents are as frustrating as hit-and-run accidents. Any variety of accident can be extremely stressful, but watching the culprit drive off from the scene of your accident is a special type of infuriating.

There are specific steps you should take in the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident. According to State Farm Insurance, the very first thing to do is stay on the scene of the accident.

Why should I not give chase?

You may be very tempted to drive after the person who hit you, but this is a very bad idea. Usually, eyewitnesses will be present at the scene of the accident. If both cars drive off after the hit-and-run, these eyewitnesses will not know who is at fault. However, if you stay at the scene of the accident, it will be very clear to everybody what just occurred.

The most important thing is to call 911 if anybody has sustained injury. If there are no injuries, call the non-emergency police number to make a police report. Having this report will be helpful for insurance purposes, and potentially for future legal action.

What else should I do?

Make sure to talk to any eyewitnesses. Most people have smartphones these days, which means that it is possible a bystander either got a photo or even video footage of the accident. If somebody was able to get the license plate of the culprit, this will help the police find him or her.

You should also document the accident as thoroughly as possible. Make sure to take pictures of any damage to your car or surrounding property.