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Trucker arrested for fleeing the scene of San Antonio accident

Most people in Houston may assume that those who drive professionally know more about the general “rules of the road” than most. It would make sense, then, for many to expect someone like a truck driver to remain at the scene of an accident involving their vehicle (as that expectation extends to every driver). 

One should also remember, however, that despite their training, experience and knowledge, truck drivers still may be susceptible to the same lapses in judgment that everyone is. Even still, should such a lapse prompt a trucker to leave the scene of an accident, they may still be subject to whatever criminal and civil consequences typically accompany such an action. 

Authorities arrest truck driver following accident in San Antonio 

Law enforcement authorities essentially confirmed this to be what is in store for a truck driver that drove away after colliding with a vehicle on Interstate 10 in San Antonio. Reports state that a stalled Ford Fiesta had its hazard lights flashing when an approaching semi-truck struck it from behind, killing its driver. The truck then continued on for a further 20 miles before its driver abandoned it. A passenger in the semi-truck remained behind, and later provided authorities with the driver’s personal information, leading to his arrest.

When questioned, the truck driver said he believed no one was in the vehicle he hit. He also claimed his employer told him to lie to authorities about the accident. 

Assigning liability for a truck accident 

In truck accident cases, the issue of liability may seem clear: it lies with the truck driver who caused the collision. Yet there may indeed be times when an employer’s conduct (or the fact that a driver acts as its agent) also brings liability upon it. Having the assistance of an attorney following a truck accident can help distinguish when this may be the case.