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How to reduce motorcycle accidents

People who ride motorcycles enjoy the thrills and freedom that differ from driving a motor vehicle. However, riding a motorcycle is risky, and crashes are often serious.

Both motorists and motorcyclists can do things to reduce the incidence of accidents to keep everyone safer.

Motorcycle accident stats

According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcycles are at higher risk of being in accidents because they are harder to see, are not as stable as other vehicles and are trickier to operate. Riders also tend to suffer from severe injuries and even death because motorcycles do not have the same protective equipment and gear as motor vehicles do.

Because of this, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of being in fatal accidents. For every 100 million miles traveled, around 26 motorcyclists die, and 440 riders suffer injuries. Most fatalities occur between noon and midnight, and around 33% involve the use of alcohol.

Motorists’ responsibilities

According to the National Safety Council, other motorists are usually at fault in accidents involving motorcycles. Drivers can do their part by keeping an eye out for motorcycles, leaving them ample room and refraining from distracting behavior.

Motorcyclists’ responsibilities

Motorcycle riders should take a safety course and follow the rules of the road. To increase their visibility, they should wear bright and reflective clothing, use headlights and stay out of other drivers’ blind spots. Because many motorists are not able to anticipate a motorcycle’s movements, riders should drive more defensively.

To reduce the severity of injuries, wearing a helmet is imperative. It is also smart to wear durable clothing and ankle-high boots.