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How much can hands-free tech help you?

Texas residents rely on technology to get through the day. This includes driving. Unfortunately, the combination of driving and technology proves deadly time and time again. 

But what about hands-free technology? This technology promises drivers increased safety from distraction-related crashes. But how safe is it? Today we will answer this question. 

Distractions drivers face 

The National Safety Council takes a look at how hands-free tech interacts with driver safety. In their words, there is no significant difference in safety. Hands-free tech does combat two of the three main distractions drivers face. Unfortunately, that is not enough to make a big difference. 

What are these three factors? They are visual, physical and cognitive distractions. Hands-free tech focuses on visual and physical distractions. It does this by allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You do not have to touch the screen to interact with your device. You do not have to look at it either. Voice commands read things out to you. 

Deadly cognitive distractions on the road 

But what about cognitive distractions? This is where things get dangerous. Cognitive distractions is anything that draws your mind away from the task at hand. In this case, that task is driving. 

Almost anything you do in a car outside of driving is a cognitive distraction. This includes: 

  • Adjusting the temperature 
  • Changing the radio station 
  • Talking to passengers 
  • Paying attention to crashes, construction or other roadside distractions 
  • Operating technological devices 

Hands-free tech is a cognitive distraction by design. Anything you do on a device, including using GPS to find your route, is a distraction. Unfortunately, there is no way for hands-free tech to combat this in particular. Because of this, it cannot claim to protect drivers.