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Documenting injuries after a car accident: 4 strategies to use

In 2018, the Texas Department of Transportation reported there were 12,161 serious injury crashes in the state that year. In these injury accidents, 14,908 people were seriously hurt. 

Those harmed in a collision should understand how to properly document their injuries to protect their right to fair and proper compensation. These four documentation strategies can help those injured in a car accident enhance their claim to damages. 

  1. See a doctor immediately

Car accident victims should not wait to see a physician for their injuries, especially if they did not receive medical attention at the scene of the accident or shortly after in a hospital. Seeing a doctor soon after a collision initiates a paper trail that can effectively document the severity of all injuries and exactly what they are. 

  1. Take photographs

Those injured in a collision should take pictures of any visible bodily injuries. Any camera will do for this purpose, and they should try to take as many pictures as they feel necessary. 

  1. Save medical files and receipts

Following a collision, injured drivers and passengers should save all documentation related to medical treatment they receive. This documentation may include: 

  • Summaries from every medical appointment 
  • Correspondence with the insurance company 
  • Prescription information 
  • Orders for medical tests and imaging 

Saved information should also include receipts for all medical care received, including for co-pays and insurance payments. 

  1. Write in a journal

A journal can help accident victims continuously track their healing process. Vehicle occupants should keep accurate notes and record everything related to their recovery. For example, those healing from injuries sustained in a car crash should document how they feel each day and their level of pain. 

Vehicle occupants injured in a car accident should be careful about backing up their injury records in case something happens to them. To properly back up this important information, they should create hard and electronic copies and keep these copies in two separate locations.