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How can I prepare my motorcycle for spring?

If you are the type of rider who does not ride your motorcycle all year round, then now is the right time to start prepping your bike to get back on the roads. Spring is a great time to ride before it gets too hot and when it is comfortable enough to not get too cold. It is essential to make sure that your bike is road ready before you take the first ride of the season. 

Motorcycle Riding Centers, Inc. explains that you need to do a complete safety check. Give all your lights and mirrors a once over to make sure they are working properly and in good condition. Check your oil and other fluids. Go ahead and change out fluids that need it. Look for leaks as well. 

You want to also check over the suspensions. Look for wear and tear on your belts. Also, look over your tires. Make sure they have adequate tread and there are no signs of issues, such as bald spots or bulging. 

Check your battery to make sure it is holding a charge and to ensure it is still within its life expectancy range. Go over each control to be sure it is working correctly. Try out everything to make sure there is nothing that feels off, such as a sticking pedal or lever. 

Finally, make sure your safety gear is ready to go. Check your helmet to be sure it is still in good condition. Look over your pads and other gear for wear. Make sure you have everything you need to take off on your first trip so that you can be safe on the roads this spring.