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Higher number of traffic fatalities expected in 2020

Texas accident data revealed that Greater Houston’s law enforcement officials responded to more than 600 traffic fatalities during 2019. The 2020 numbers may exceed the prior year’s. To address the expected increase, Texas Department of Transportation funding will go toward redesigning roadways and expanding the presence of patrol officers in areas where accidents will most likely occur.

Collisions and injuries, however, happen when least expected, even with improvements made in a community’s awareness and roads. Because of social media, more motorists experience distractions while driving. Turning off mobile devices and pulling over to the side of the road before making a call or sending a text message could help reduce collisions.

Accidents caused by impaired drivers

An investigation revealed that impaired motorists caused the greatest number of fatalities. Driving under the influence has contributed to more than 200 Texas roadway deaths during 2019, as noted by the Houston Chronicle. With a reported increase in prescription pill abuse, the associated drowsiness may also contribute to impairment.

Local officials have taken steps to reduce impaired-driving issues, such as creating a task force of organizations to develop better ways of reducing DWI accidents. Bar owners and bartenders may also face prosecution for serving an individual too much alcohol.

Houston residents can help reduce collisions by recognizing the signs of negligent, inattentive or impaired motorists. Driving defensively and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles may also decrease the number of roadway injuries and deaths. Bicyclists and pedestrians could increase their safety by wearing reflective clothing, using flashlights and assuming that motorists are unaware of their presence.

Legal remedies after an accident

When a crash or collision occurs, legal action may help in holding a negligent motorist responsible for the injuries and damages suffered. A harmed party may file a lawsuit to seek relief from the unexpected medical expenses required for recovery and physical therapy. A serious accident generally requires taking time off from work; the relief obtained may include the loss of wages in addition to compensation for pain and suffering.