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Is truck driver fatigue a problem?

Texas drivers like you share the road with plenty of people in any given day. Unfortunately, with more people on the road, you have a higher chance of running into dangerous situations. We at the Law Offices of Richard J. Presutti, P.C. are here today to discuss one danger in particular: truck driver fatigue.

Truck driver fatigue is usually a result of how overworked a truck driver can be. At times, the industry encourages drivers to make poor decisions by rewarding how quickly deliveries can be made. Unfortunately, this means drivers skip out on the rest they need.

When a truck driver is fatigued, the symptoms can manifest in dangerous ways. They may drift off to sleep behind the wheel. Their reactions could be dampened to the point that they cannot brake quickly enough if someone in front of them stops suddenly. They may not notice if their load is loose or if there are other technical problems that could lead to a crash.

What makes this particularly problematic with truck drivers as opposed to the drivers of regular passenger cars is the fact that they are operating an enormous vehicle. Trucks are incredibly heavy and usually take up a lot of space on the road. When a truck gets involved in a crash, they often affect many other drivers as opposed to just one or two cars at a time.

If a trucking crash has negatively impacted your life, you may want to visit our web page on trucking accidents, linked above. You can learn about how to seek compensation for your injuries and more about the problem of driver fatigue.