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Rules are in place to prevent truck driver fatigue

Houston is relatively close to Louisiana and forms part of the Interstate 10 corridor, a thoroughfare that runs across the United States. There are therefore a lot of truckers on the roads who frequently cross state lines to conduct business. These truckers may be subject to federal rules, including rules governing how long they can stay on the road before being required to take an extended break.

For example, with respect to truckers hauling property, drivers may only be on the road for 11 hours before having to take a 10-hour break. A related rule is that truckers must take their 10-hour break after being on the clock for 14 hours. Unlike the 11-hour limit, the 14 hours continues to elapse while a driver is stopped for a restroom break or to fill up the vehicle with gas. Weekly limits also apply, after which a driver must take a 34-hour break.

These federal driving regulations are not just for the benefit of the truckers themselves. Indeed, the point of the so called rest rules, or hours of service regulations, are to prevent truck driver fatigue. Anyone who has tried to drive while tired probably knows how dangerous doing so can be, and the danger is all the worse when a tired driver is trying to operate a large and heavy truck.

Truckers have an obligation to follow all rules and regulations that apply to them. When they fail to do so, they may cause a serious or even fatal truck accident. Victims in these sorts of cases who are Texas residents can seek compensation from negligent truck drivers, and their employers, by filing a lawsuit in the appropriate court in this state.