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How a new technology might affect your workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Firm News

It doesn’t take a tech expert to see that technology is developing at a high rate. We’ve all seen how new inventions can change both industry practices and our personal lives overnight.

One example of this may soon be the introduction of “digital twin” technology to oil workers. This development could change how we understand worker safety and fault in work-related injuries.

The introduction of the Operator Digital Twin

In basic terms, a digital twin is a digital model of a physical object or system. Digital twin technology has been around for a few years. Many industries have already used the technology to improve how systems work.

The oil industry can use digital twin technology to improve how oil workers work. These Operator Digital Twins can be used to study risks such as dangerous work practices, improper use of equipment and worker fatigue.

Data scientists will create Operator Digital Twins from data related to operators’ working habits. This data will come from devices that workers wear. These may include:

  • Smart watches
  • Microchips
  • Heads-up displays
  • Bluetooth low energy tags
  • Smart clothing

The technology involved in creating a digital twin is like that involved in many cutting-edge sports technologies. The sources will capture complex body movements and convert these movements into data. This information is then processed into a digital re-creation of you, the worker.

Why does this matter

This technology could increase the amount of information available to workers and employers. With this information, the oil industry will be much better informed about worker safety in high-risk environments.