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Tips for driving safely in heavy traffic

It can be safe to say that no one likes driving in heavy traffic. When there are many cars on the road at the same time, there is a greater chance for an accident or even a catastrophic pile up if one driver is not careful.

If you routinely drive in heavy traffic, below we have six key safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Watch your speed – Speed is constantly one of the main contributing factors to accidents. In heavy traffic, you may want to speed to a lane opening or quickly change lanes. These quick movements can easily cut someone off and cause trouble.
  • Refrain from weaving – Weaving around traffic hardly gets you to your destination fast enough to justify the danger you are putting yourself through. The other problem is other drivers are not aware of your erratic driving patterns, so even though you know what you are doing, others don’t.
  • Know the conditions – Sometimes you can predict large traffic build-ups and prepare for it. Is there inclement weather? A sporting event or festival everyone is going to? Many miles of road construction? If you know traffic will be heavy, leave early and pack plenty of patience.
  • Keep your distance – All drivers wants to keep moving forward, but recognize when you should hit the brakes instead of the accelerator. It is important to always check for brake lights ahead of you, and keep your distance if you see someone slow down or stop. Always stay at least three seconds behind the driver in front of you.
  • Expect the unexpected – As mentioned above, you do not want to speed or weave in and out of traffic because you do not know what is coming up. Constantly survey the road ahead of you so you are aware of everything going on.
  • Try to relax – Even if the speed of the heavy traffic is going faster than you would like, do your best to relax. Move over to the farthest right lane and go a speed you are more comfortable with. If you start to get aggravated, try turning on the radio. Driving while irritated can result in more risky driving behaviors and mistakes.

The next time you are in heavy traffic, hopefully these tips will help keep you from an accident. The best way to conquer heavy traffic is to keep your mind on safety and always remember your fellow drivers are experiencing the same frustrations that you are.