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What parties are liable for a trucking accident?

In the unfortunate event of a trucking accident, receiving fair compensation is your right as someone who suffers damages. Determining liability is a necessary part of this process.

However, various parties may bear responsibility for accidents involving large trucks. Each of these parties plays a distinct role that you should understand when pursuing an accident claim.

Truck driver responsibility

The first potentially liable party you might think about in a truck accident is, naturally, the driver. Reckless driving, fatigue or distraction can contribute to collisions. In some cases, a driver’s lack of proper training or failure to adhere to safety regulations may be a factor.

Trucking company accountability

Trucking companies employ and oversee their drivers, so they also share liability. If a company neglects maintenance schedules, pushes unrealistic delivery timelines or fails to adequately train its drivers, it may be accountable for accidents resulting from such neglectful behavior.

Shippers and loaders liability

The parties responsible for loading and securing cargo bear a unique responsibility. Poorly loaded or unsecured cargo can shift during transit, causing the truck to lose balance and lead to accidents. Those handling the loading process may be liable if shipping problems are a factor in the accident.

Manufacturers and defective parts

Sometimes, the blame lies with the manufacturers of the truck or its components. Defective brakes, faulty tires or other subpar parts can contribute to accidents.

Statistics show that there were 168,320 truck accidents in 2022. The frequent occurrence of trucking accidents and the numerous factors that contribute to them make it easy to imagine that many of them are complex incidents with multiple liable parties.