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What not to say after a motor vehicle crash

Emotions often overpower logic right after a tragic car crash. The extraordinary shock and distress from the experience can make an injured person say things they shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, conveying their thoughts without careful consideration or until they are levelheaded can adversely impact their chances of recovering fair compensation. Knowing what not to say can prevent their words from backfiring on them.

Words can undermine a claim

An accident victim, who wants to pursue a claim and establish liability, will likely interact and speak with multiple parties involved, such as law enforcement officers, insurance adjusters, witnesses, drivers and passengers.

The last thing any injured party would want is insinuating something inaccurate and regretting it later. Thus, below are some statements they must avoid expressing:

  • “I’m sorry”: Apologizing can be their way of diffusing tension between them and the other party. However, others may construe their apology as an admission of fault.
  • “I’m okay”: Downplaying one’s injuries can devalue the actual nature and extent of their injuries. Their adrenaline may be at an all-time high moments after the incident, masking a more significant level of pain and potentially fatal symptoms that may manifest down the road.
  • “I assume”: Speculating on specific details casts doubt on the factual account of events. Answering questions they are unsure of can only result in vague or erroneous assertions.
  • “I agree”: Accepting an offer or making conclusive statements without gathering sufficient evidence or consulting professionals will not immediately settle the whole thing. On the contrary, it can complicate the process when proof is already available.

Instead of making these assertions, victims must focus on the critical steps to take after surviving a collision. They can evaluate and choose their official statements when they have regained their calm and collected selves. They must also wait until they have reached out for legal support before sharing anything.

Words matter

A car crash investigation can turn into a battle of words. Every party may have varying interpretations of what took place. Thus, victims must be aware of how their words can be the missing pieces others use to fill the gaps in their narratives. Having a skilled Texas counsel can help them communicate well-grounded statements, protecting their rights to receive proper damages.