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Three bad habits that often lead to accidents

No one wants to think about the possibility of getting into a car accident. Unfortunately, it is always a possibility, even for the safest of drivers. While you can never eliminate the risk of getting into an accident, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce the chances of one.

Experts suggest avoiding certain bad habits or negligent behaviors while driving is the best way to avoid a crash. Here are three bad habits that may lead to an accident in Houston.

Distracted driving

When you think of distracted driving, you may think of texting and driving. However, distracted driving goes beyond just using a cell phone. While cell phone use while driving is a common distraction, drivers also often engage in other distracted driving behaviors including eating, talking to passengers, searching for something in the backseat, adjusting the GPS or radio, or reading.

Engaging in any form of distracted driving, even if it is just for a few seconds, can cause you to ignore a red light, fail to hit the brakes in time, or swerve into another lane, which of course can lead to an accident. Keeping your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on your driving at all times is essential to avoiding accidents.

Drowsy driving

Driving when you have not gotten enough sleep can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk. A lack of sleep can result in delayed reaction times, poor judgment, and can even lead to you falling asleep behind the wheel. If you are feeling tired behind the wheel, it is best to pull over to a safe area and rest until you are fully alert.

Speeding and other traffic violations

As a licensed driver, you are legally required to follow all traffic laws. If you are driving over the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions, merging when it is unsafe to do so, or otherwise violating a traffic law, you are more likely to become involved in an accident.

Avoiding these bad habits can save you and others from a devastating motor vehicle accident. If you are involved in an accident caused by a driver engaging in bad habits, you may recover damages from them for your injuries.