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Houston has half of the 10 worst roads in Texas for pedestrians

Pedestrian safety has been a primary focus in Texas and across the nation in recent years. Programs have been implemented to try and enhance safety and encourage drivers to pay closer attention to people on the road. Unfortunately, the numbers seem to be getting worse.

In Houston particularly, the number of pedestrian deaths is worrisome. Recently, the Texas Department of Transportation released a report about this issue. People need to be cognizant of this when they head out as they try and watch for signs and recognize roads that are known for their risk to pedestrians. If they are in a collision, they will also need to consider their future options.

Five of the top 10 riskiest roads for pedestrians in Texas are in Houston

Roads and highways have seen a spike of more than one-third from 2017 to 2021. Using statistics accrued by ValuePenguin, it was found that Houston has five of the top 10 worst roads for pedestrians in the entire state.

The roads in question included the following:

  • Interstate 45
  • Interstate 10
  • 610 Loop
  • Farm to Market Road 1960
  • Tomball Parkway

Surface streets are referenced as having a higher risk because of distracted driving. The larger cities have a greater propensity for pedestrian accidents due to the sheer volume of vehicles and people sharing the road.

For the years 2016 to 2020, I-45 had 58 pedestrian fatalities. That came to nearly 2% of all deaths in the state. This was the worst of all roads. Males were the victim in nearly three in four pedestrian fatalities. People 55 and above accounted for more than one-third of the deaths. Half of the victims who were under 18 ranged from ages 13 to 17.

People who have had their lives upended by a pedestrian accident should seek advice

With this information showing how at risk pedestrians are, it is no surprise that people are increasingly concerned about their safety. Law enforcement and the TxDOT are actively seeking viable solutions. Still, with drivers not paying attention, getting behind the wheel under the influence and driving recklessly, many accidents cannot be avoided.

The medical, financial and personal aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be overwhelming. Having assistance with determining the next course of action is imperative and contacting professionals who are experienced in these cases can be key.