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How to help your teen become a safer driver

New drivers are more likely to have accidents than adults with years of experience. If you are a parent of teens getting behind the wheel, you want them to be as safe as possible. There is nothing worse than a call stating your adolescent hurt someone in a wreck.

Certain decisions will help your teenager be a safer driver. The choices you make now could prevent an unfortunate incident.

Choosing a vehicle

Your teen might have an eye on a flashy sports car. It is probably better to leave hot rods with sleek designs on the showroom floor. Exotic models tend to accelerate fast, making them hard to control. Instead of looks, focus on safety features. Sensible models have features such as anti-lock brakes and blind-spot warning systems.

Eliminating distractions

Adolescents love their phones. Many cannot resist the urge to text while in motion. Other temptations exist, too, such as eating, putting on makeup and toying with the radio. Remind your youth to always focus on the road. Put phones in restricted access mode, so they cannot use them while in motion. Do not be afraid to punish your teenager if you find evidence of risky activity.

Being an example

Parents need to model good behavior, as children often mimic the actions of adults. Drive the speed limit and use your turn signal. Always wear your seat belt and avoid tailgating. Never drive while intoxicated or get into a vehicle with a driver who is. Set the stage for proper decision-making.

You can help lower the odds of your adolescent experiencing a roadside collision. Apply these measures for the sake of everyone.