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SUVs cause pedestrian accidents more often than sedans

While many residents in Texas do not rely on a motor vehicle to get around, this does not mean they will not still travel in areas where vehicles frequently travel. Whether one is a pedestrian or cyclist, they are likely traveling near or on a roadway. Because of this, they are presented with certain dangers and risks. These escalate when motorists are negligent, failing to see a pedestrian or cyclist and colliding with them.

SUVs more likely to hit pedestrians

While it may seem like there are more cars that pickup trucks and SUVs on the roadway, a recent study suggests that sedans are not the likely culprit of pedestrian accidents. The study found that larger vehicles are more likely to strike a pedestrian while making a turn when compared to those in smaller vehicles.

There are various reasons for this growing statistic. To begin, more and more motorists are opting to purchase larger vehicles. Researchers also question whether the design of these vehicles make it more challenging to see a pedestrian crossing the road. The pillars holding up the roof of larger vehicles are larger, creating a great chance for visual obstructions.

Recent statistics

In 2020, there was a recorded 6,519 pedestrians killed in automobile collisions. This is a 59% increase from 2009 and a 4% the previous year. It was also determined that more than three-quarters of motor vehicle sales were light trucks. Recent research also found that pillars are not the only thing obstructing views. High hoods are also a factor.

Whether it is the design of the vehicle or the negligence of a motorist, it is important to determine the cause. Various factors may come into play, creating a situation where more than one party may be liable.

The aftermath of a pedestrian or bicycle accident can be tragic and fatal. Those injured in such a collision could suffer harm for years or even a lifetime. Additionally, many individuals die each year in these types of crashes. As such, those impacted by a pedestrian or bicycle crash should understand their rights and options. Whether they are the injured victim or the loved ones of a deceased victim, it is possible to hold a driver accountable for the crash and the damages and losses caused by it.