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Motorcycle accidents have increased in Texas  

Traffic volume has decreased over the last few years, which includes all types of motor vehicles. That decrease has happened in many states across the United States, including in Texas. In spite of the decreased volume, in 2020, fatalities from motorcycle accidents increased by 17 percent compared with fatalities in 2019. In Texas, the average number of motorcycle fatalities in Texas is one person per day, and make up 12% of the state’s traffic fatalities.

From May through October in Texas motorcyclists are most vulnerable on the road and a large percentage of the accidents occur during those months. Motorcyclists are not protected in the same way that drivers of other enclosed motor vehicles are. Also, it is often difficult for an enclosed motor vehicle driver to see the motorcyclist on the road or be able to judge how far away the motorcycle is from the other motor vehicle and that makes the motorcyclists extremely vulnerable to accidents and fatalities. Intersections can also be really problematic.

Overcoming the obstacles and protecting motorcyclists on the road

There are several measures that motor vehicle drivers can take to help protect motorcyclists and help prevent accidents from happening.

  • When making a left turn, let the motorcyclist go first.
  • Be extra-vigilant at intersections.
  • Pay close attention to driving and do not allow distractions.
  • Proceed carefully when changing lanes.
  • Allow ample room for motorcyclists when passing them.
  • Do not drive too fast. Make sure that you follow speed limits. Your speed should be dependent on the road conditions.

It is essential that all drivers pay close attention to what they are doing on the road and to the other drivers around them as well as to their vulnerabilities. If people drive with a feeling of respect for others on the road, many accidents may be able to be prevented.

Solid legal support after a motorcycle accident

All motor vehicle drivers must share the road with other drivers of all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. If you had a motorcycle accident, a Texas lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents may be of great value to you. Because you are more vulnerable on the road if you are riding a motorcycle, you may be suffering long-term repercussions. Solid legal advice from someone who understands can really help to positively influence the outcome of your situation.