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Changing the clocks for the winter raises risk of car accidents

In Texas and other states across the nation where changing the clocks twice a year is required, there are familiar laments as to how it impacts people and their routines. Daylight savings might be perceived as a moderate inconvenience, but there are also potential dangers related to it. Notably, studies have indicated that auto accidents increase after daylight savings. When considering this with other risks such as distracted driving, drivers who are under the influence, drowsy driving and plain recklessness, it adds another layer of danger that should be factored in when thinking about safety.

Understanding the dangers linked to driving after daylight savings

According to research from Healthline, there is an 8% increase in the chance of a fatal crash after daylight savings in Texas alone. Fatal crashes have been a frequent topic of worry in the Lone Star State because it has been 21 years – almost to the day – since there was a day without a fatal crash. Across the spectrum from researchers to safety advocates to law enforcement, drivers are being encouraged to realize that daylight savings carries with it a greater chance of a collision. Vigilance is critical to avoid these accidents.

Drivers might experience a different sleep pattern because of the time change. That could lead to drowsy driving – a common catalyst for auto accidents. Studies have shown that drowsy drivers exhibit the same behaviors as drivers who are under the influence. For those who work in shift jobs and truckers who are on the road at odd hours, it can be even more problematic. While certain strategies like paying strict attention, giving other drivers room to maneuver, watching for pedestrians and making sure vehicles are in proper working order can be effective, it is unfortunate that accidents are sometimes unavoidable. After a crash, it is important to assess whether daylight savings had something to do with it.

Having a full investigation is key in determining the cause of an auto accident

Given the litany of problems that inevitably arise after car accidents, truck accidents or any other kind of motor vehicle crash, it is imperative to have a full investigation in its aftermath. There can be personal, financial and professional ramifications from an accident, so knowing how to proceed is crucial. If the accident was connected to daylight savings, this can be a fundamental part of a claim. Consulting with those who are experienced in these cases is wise from the start.