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What are some common symptoms of a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Injuries

A sudden blow or jolt to the head during a car accident or another type of accident can result in a traumatic brain injury. This type of injury can result in a variety of symptoms that can show up right after the accident to several days or even weeks after the initial trauma.

The Brain Trauma Foundation states that in children and adults between the ages of 1 to 44, brain injuries are the leading cause of disability and death. It is important to recognize some of the physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms of a brain injury, so you can get the treatment you need.


After a car accident or another serious accident, you may feel tired and like you have no energy. You may also have a headache, blurry vision and sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds.


When you incur a TBI in an accident, you may feel more emotional than you normally do. For example, you may suddenly feel nervous and anxious and feel sadder and more irritable than usual.


A brain injury can make it harder to focus and concentrate on different tasks. You may have a hard time remembering new information if you have a TBI and feel like your mind has started to work at a slower pace than normal.

You should seek emergency medical care if you have a headache after an accident that gets worse and does not go away. You should also get medical help as soon as possible if you have trouble remembering people and places, lose consciousness or have a seizure.