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4 steps to take if you are in a motorcycle accident

In 2017, there were over 5,000 motorcyclists killed and close to 90,000 injured. Those who ride are more apt to have an accident than someone driving a car, and their injuries may be more severe. 

Texans love to ride their motorcycles. Over 420,000 registered motorcycles in the state make this apparent. In 2019, there were 410 motorcyclists killed because of other drivers, alcohol, weather and road hazards. Learning to handle your motorcycle may keep you safe in the event of an accident. However, if a crash happens, stay calm and take the following steps. 

What to do after an accident

  1. Call 911. If possible, check yourself for injuries and then help anyone else involved. You should go to the hospital and have the doctor check you over. Although you may only see a little road rash, there may be other wounds you are not aware of. 
  2. Take photos of the accident scene. Get pictures of the road, your motorcycle and other areas you believe could be a part of the crash. Your insurance company and the police may want to use these photos as evidence. 
  3. If you can move your bike off the road, do so. Leaving the motorcycle on the road could be a hazard to other drivers. Depending on the severity of the accident, the police may tell you to leave the motorcycle until they finish their investigation. 
  4. Speak with any witnesses involved and ask them for their names and phone numbers. Also, get insurance information from others in the accident. This information may be useful to your insurance agent or attorney if you have problems with the opposing party. Get the accident report from the police. 

Do not admit fault for anything that happened in the accident, even if you are partially to blame. Speaking to another party or a witness may hamper the outcome of the investigation and your insurance claim.