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Free Consultations | No Fee Unless We Win | Aggressive Representation

Career problems and car crashes

When people lose their jobs or encounter other major problems in their careers, financial hardships, emotional problems and a host of challenges often arise. These hardships also carry over into other facets of life, adversely affecting personal relationships and even increasing the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision.

There are many reasons why career setbacks and concerns make accidents more likely, whether someone is rushing around to many job interviews or unable to sleep properly because of anxiety (leading to driver fatigue).

Depression, anxiety and other emotional issues

Drivers who are facing significant career challenges often experience a number of emotional stressors that make accidents more likely. For example, those who are depressed are often less attentive behind the wheel and show less regard for traffic safety. Furthermore, some people struggle with anxiety, which sometimes leads to a panic attack on the road. Sleep loss and the use of various medications is common, often leading to drowsy driving. Other emotional challenges, such as anger and road rage, are also very concerning. Sadly, these crashes cause many injuries and a lot of lives are claimed as well.

Holding a driver responsible

Many people are facing career uncertainty and job-related challenges at this time, making auto accidents more likely. If you were struck by someone who claims that the accident occurred because of problems in their personal or professional lives, this is not a valid excuse. You need to take a firm stand for your legal rights and look into strategies that provide the resources you need to recover. Our website discusses more on this topic.