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Texas jury sets record with $101M verdict for semi-truck accident

A Texas jury set a record with its $101 million verdict awarded to a driver catastrophically injured by a tractor trailer collision. As reported by CDLLife, the devastating semi-truck accident resulted in the victim suffering from several neck and back injuries that required numerous surgeries and medical treatments. The crash also left the former crane operator unable to return to work.

The Law Office of Richard J. Presutti, P.C. understands how insurance companies attempt to settle matters quickly and without providing the victim with any significant legal justice. Truck accidents can be costly and debilitating, and as a former insurance adjuster, Mr. Presutti is both determined and well-equipped to help you and your family seek the full justice and relief you deserve.

While the accident victim was in his pickup truck driving home from church, a tractor trailer suddenly slammed into the back of his vehicle. The semi-truck driver walked away from the crash without any injuries, but the pickup truck driver sustained serious long-term injuries. He required repeated surgeries to help him heal from the neck and back injuries resulting from the accident.

A drug test determined that the operator of the semi truck had been under the influence of methamphetamines and marijuana when he rear-ended the pickup truck. His driving record also revealed that he had three previous moving violations that occurred within three months of his hiring by the tractor trailer company. The company placed him on probation after his involvement with the three other crashes, but it did not serve to reign in their employee’s tendency toward irresponsible behavior.

After the semi-truck driver falsified documents claiming that he went through alcohol and drug training, along with defensive driver and new driver training, the jury was well convinced he could have prevented the collision.

The jury’s award was historically large due to $75 million of the damages reflecting the tractor-trailer company’s punishment for enabling their employee to continue driving for them. Settling with an insurance company quickly may not have provided the same results as it would not have included the additional punitive damages awarded by the trial jury.

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